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Pure Magic - 1:1 Mentoring

Pure Magic: Psychic Mediumship Development Through Shadow Work

This Mentorship is for you if:
  • You are open to your abilities or want to be more open to them
  • If you are a beginner or have knowledge, all levels are welcomed
  • Want a deeper connection to your intuition 
  • Interested in mediumship
  • Work through areas of your life where you feel stagnant that can include feeling disconnected to your abilities
  • Working with and connecting to the shadow self and inner child
  • Working through impostor syndrome
  • Healing yourself and helping others along their healing journey
  • Forming a relationship with your guides and how to work with them
  • Connecting to passed loved ones
  • Connect with other energies you are wanting to work with (ex) Arch Angels
  • How to properly open up and ground down after working with spirit and setting boundaries

Price is $777 CAD for 3 month membership, Payment price plans available.

Payment plan pricing available and discounted rate for BIPOC

Pure Magic 00.jpg

This is a 3 month program where we meet once a week. Each week we will be visiting each Claire, diving deeper into it and learning how to practice each ability. I will also have a private chat for us on the discord app where I can post assignments to practice meditations, questions you have, and keeping in touch in our time together. We will also have appointments mid point, where you can practice yours readings on others.

We will be diving into many meditations together to connect to your guides, going beyond the veil as well as the shadow work aspect. There will be assignments of working through the shadow, ego, areas in your healing where you feel stuck, impostor syndrome, and connecting to that inner child.

I've always felt the more we heal our shadow, the darker corners that remain hidden, the deeper we heal, the deeper we trust our intuition and guidance from spirit and how to fully connect to spirit/source energy.

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Pure Magic 01.jpg

I will send you a syllabus of what we will be covering in our time together each week. Each call will be 2 hours duration on zoom each week. Each session will be recorded for you to have. Our meeting times are base around your schedule and we will discuss those times and dates in our first consult.

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